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Input Voltage 185-285V AC
Topology Full Bridge
Power Factor >0.8
Output Voltage Customizable(48v – 84v)
Output Current Max 20 A
Platform Arm Cortex 32-bit MCU
Battery Type LI-ion/Li-Po4 / Lead Acid
Protections Short Circuit / Reverse Polarity / Undervolt / Overvolt
Indications Sytem On / Fault / Battery %age
Working Temperature 0 – 50o Celcius(Surrounding Temperature)
Input Connections Input Connection: Pin
Rating: 15A
Cable Length: 1.5 meters
Cable Size: 1 sq. mm.
Cable Type: 3-core cable
Output Connections Cable Size: 6 sq. mm.
Cable Type: 2-core cable
Cable Length: 1.5 meters
Connector Type: As per customer req.
Enclosure IP20
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Dimensions 275x165x92 mm


Product Features
-Multi-stage charging
-Constant Current & Constant Voltage
-Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
-Topology  Flyback
-Reverse Battery Protection
-Over Current Protection (OCP)
-Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
-Short Circuit Protection (SCP
-Surge Protection
-Battery Blocking Protection
-Indication (Battery Charging, Battery full charge, Battery Connected, Reverse polarity)

Safety Information
-Never use the charger with defective cord and damage wires.
-Never set the output cable, power cord and the charger on a wet surface.
-Never cover the Suction / vent of the charger.
-Never use the charger in inflammable or explosive area.
-Never Plug-In charger using wet hand.
-Never disassemble, repair and modify the charger.
-Always store indoors when not in use.
-Always place the charger in a clean and ventilated environment while charging.
-Avoid using charger in direct sunlight as the body temperature may go high & can damage the charger.

Packing List
-Charger with cable
-Product manual

Operational Instruction
-Please make sure the charger is firmly & properly connected to the battery.
-The charger will be turned Off automatically after the battery is fully charged.
-Unplug the charger from AC outlet when the charger is not in use.
-Please read the product manual carefully before using the charger.
-Company will not be responsible for any improper operations.

Limited Warranty
-Company offers 12 month warranty from the date of Invoice.
-Company Guarantees that every charger has been thoroughly tested before dispatch.
-Incase of any fault in the charger, Contact to our customer care number immediately for support.

Warranty Voids If
-Warranty period has expired.
-The owner does not follow the instructions of manual.
-The damages caused by improper operation.
-The damages caused due to force majeure.
-Charger is damged due to ingress of water.


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