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Glowia solar insect trap is a solar panel powered micro-controller-based programmable device. which is used for trapping insects and flies which are harmful and causes damages to the crops. Harmful Insects, flies are attracted to UV light, and flies around it and kill them naturally and fall-in tray filled with water with some drop of oil.


-7-watt solar panel- Mono Crystaline
-Net weight: Around 1.5 kg including Round Plastic Tray,
-Supplied completely with Round Tray.
-Wattage of UV Lights 2.5 Watt UV and amber lights
continuous ON during working hours.
-Battery: 11.1V, 2200 mAH, Total Capacity of Battery – 22 Watts
-Working Up to 3 Hrs after sunset and will start 1 Hr before sunrise from 2nd or third day.
-Suitable for crop coverage 0.75 to 1 acre
-Needs wooden, Plastic or metal Pipe for support – To be arranged by user.



-Environment friendly insect Trap unlike pesticides, resulting in saving of cost and helps in making pesticide free crops.
-Attracts & kills a harmful insects, flies and pests.
-Fully automatic, no external power is required, works on solar energy.
-No spraying or minimal spraying of pesticides, thereby reducing the pesticide cost and manpower.
-Almost nil operating cost.
-No maintenance required except cleaning/removing of dust from solar panel, occasionally.
-No Major mounting or installation efforts required and easy to operate Payback is few months, less than a crop cycle.
-Portable across the crop area without any changes. Solar Chargeable and Automatic Turn ON at the time of sunset for 3 hrs and before sunrise 1Hr.

It helps us to reduce damage of crops, resulting in sustainable agriculture. Glowia Solar Insects Trap is completely automatic. It works on a 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery, which is charged from solar panel provided with it, during the day and this battery power is utilised after the sunset. By using these trap’s the need of spraying pesticides will reduce drastically, resulting in almost pesticide free organic farming.

Note: Please clean the solar panel by cloth, atleast once in a week.


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